About Us


Realistically speaking, at Faven’s Boutique, it’s not "about us" - it's absolutely all about you, our dear customer.

You asked us to make shopping more fun and exciting. We did!  We looked for attires that are affordable, luxurious and versatile, with eco-friendly fabrics, sophistication and a feminine touch.

You asked for easy-to-wear clothing made with good quality fabrics. We paid close attention to your request!  We brought in the best clothing lines made with the finest blend of fabrics.

You asked for leather handbags, made in ITALY with 100% leather. You also asked for unique jewelry made with Zinc(Nickel & Lead Free)  We listened!  We brought you the best from Turkey and Italy.

You also wanted a boutique that caters to your needs and very much values your business. We certainly do!  Mainly because our #1 priority is to build a happy long term relationship with you.

With all that being said, thank you very much for helping us to make it all about YOU at Faven’s Boutique.